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It is impossible to count the number of television channels whose signals enmesh the planet. One thing we know: there are five to six times as many of them as the 6, 812 spoken or written languages in the world.
So is television a kind of super-Babel? Yes, for which we should be proud. The story of the tower of Babel is not symbolic of a failure to communicate, but rather the establishment of an unlimited opportunity to guarantee the sharing of ideas. Of course, with such an enormous resource on offer, someone must keep watch. Fipa is passionate about content and aims to keep a watchful eye on current and upcoming audiovisual programmes from all over the world, to fish its net-works for creatures—ahem, creations—that, through their uniqueness and excellence, bring emotion and thought to life in the crucibles of innovation that are our flat screens.
At a time when uncertainty, anxiety, and sometimes fear threaten to sully our headlines, it helps to remember the words of Peter Drucker, the “father” of management: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Now in 2016 more than ever, television, and all of its different facets of creativity, is the cornerstone of Fipa.


President, Didier Decoin
Artistic Director, François Sauvagnargues