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Since 1987, Fipa is the only international festival that defends all creative genres: drama, series, creative or investigative documentary, performing arts, transmedia and new talent.

6 days to meet professionals, directors, viewers and students while discovering the year’s best programs.
As a veritable observatory of international audiovisual creation, Fipa aims to shine a spotlight on innovative, original programs that are decidedly outside- the-box.

Fipa is a platform for discovery and debate, a calendar highlight and annual meeting place for television professionals, but also for evermore members of the general public, with attendances increasing each year. The prizes awarded by its prestigious juries serve as benchmarks for the audiovisual sector, and can make-or-break careers and programme sales.

These made-for-television productions are screened in optimal conditions: digital images presented in high definition on the big screen and available in French and English.

Numerous conferences, debates and interviews allow for direct contact between creators and their audience.