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Remote screenings

In its desire to share unique, original works with as many pupils as possible, FIPA prolongs its actions in favour of lower high-school pupils throughout the school year with visits to schools across the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. Remote screenings and theme-based courses provide pupils with an opportunity to discover films and meet industry professionals. This allows teachers to extend their teaching of image interpretation in class.


FIPA film nights

Maintaining its forward-looking approach, Fipa is now launching a new project with the next generation of audiences and actors: in collaboration with BTS Cassin, it will now offer 4 film nights per year at the mediathèque in Biarritz. BTS students will organise screenings for all audiences featuring a selection of past edition films. The goal is to help them gain real programming experience, explore the audiovisual landscape, and through this experience question the process of screening a film in a theatre.

The students will shed their usual role as spectators, analysing it to gain new perspective as they seek to enrich the spectator experience. They will also host the screenings.