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Event: In the Mouth


Bring your memories. Feed your stories. Sharpen your palette. Forget your manners.

In the Mouth is a series of events inspired by Nuno, a chef who has lost his sense of taste. These interactive experiences invite you to share and eat your own culinary biography.

The Food Sessions offer a loud interactive meal where you have to eat enthusiastically in order to be in harmony with the rest of your table. A silent disco for your tongue.

With the kind participation of Fabian Feldmann, Starred Chef of L’Impertinent (Biarritz)


In the Mouth: directed by Nicolas Fonseca and produced by Zone 3.
Food Sessions is a collaboration between Daily tous les jours and Nicolas Fonseca.

Participation by invitation

1/21/19 18:30

Date : 21 January 2016

Heure : 1/21/19 18:30

Durée : 1/21/19 00:45

Lieu : Bellevue - Rotonde