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New broadcasters and new broadcasting stratégies


The digital revolution is spearheading a new kind of rivalry within the broadcasting world: while there is a noticeable rise in targeted and personalised OTT programmes, traditional channels are reacting with the development of new strategies such as content aggregation, a range of new formats, personal recommendations, and the use of social TV. We take a close look at some of the main players driving this change.


Miguel Salvat (Movistar+)
Danna Stern (YesGo)
Antoine Robin (Spicee)
Stephan Lamby (Dbate)

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2/16/19 17:00

Date : 20 January 2016

Heure : 2/16/19 17:00

Durée : 2/16/19 01:00

Lieu : Bellevue - Fipa Industry - Port des Pêcheurs