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Round Table: Can Documentaries Dispense With Television?


Exploring alternative financing is a way for young filmmakers to break away from the divide of productions for television—albeit well financed and palatably formatted—on one hand, and unrestricted, no-holds-barred, creative—but inevitably dirt-poor—documentaries on the other.

From the crowdfunding solution used by Tënk, not to overlook funds from foreign initiatives likely to change the French paradigm, what are the new perspectives for independent documentaries?

The discussion will be led by a panel of directors, producers, and representatives of public institutions who have had unique and innovative journeys.

Free entry. Limited seating. For French-speakers only.

6/19/19 14:00

Date : 22 January 2016

Heure : 6/19/19 14:00

Durée : 6/19/19 01:30

Lieu : Casino Municipal - Salle des Ambassadeurs