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Scam-SACD debate


Who’s at the Controls in Audiovisual Media?

The aborted sale of French TV channel Numéro 23, the bringing into force of a new production law, the acquisition of the production and distribution network Newen by TF1, the gradual increase in competition of multinational digital technology corporations… The events of 2015 attest to a general trend of media concentration and convergence. Little by little, a whole new audiovisual landscape is being created.

Where do the creators and producers stand in this context? How far should the emphasis on media merging go? How can we maintain the diversity of creation and organise their distribution? What is the next step for developing online broadcasting, and what kind of funding might be available in the future?

Discussion led by: Hervé Rony, Managing Director of the Civil Society of Multimedia Authors (Scam)


Thomas Anargyros, président de l’Uspa
Sophie Deschamps, présidente de la SACD
Delphine Ernotte-Cunci, présidente-directrice générale de France Télévisions
Pierre Lescure, vice-président de Molotov
Olivier Schrameck, président du CSA
Christophe Tardieu, directeur général délégué du CNC
Thomas Valentin, vice-président du directoire de M6
David Assouline, Sénateur
Jean-Pierre Leleux, sénateur des Alpes-Maritimes et président de la communauté d’agglomération Pôle Azur Provence


Free entry. Limited seating. For French-speakers only.


Date : 22 January 2016

Heure : 10:00

Durée : 02:30

Lieu : Bellevue - Auditorium