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Smart Fipa Exhibition


Wednesday 20 January >>>14.00 > 18.00
Thursday 21 January >>>10.00 > 12.00 >>>14.00 > 18.00
Friday 22 January >>>10.00 > 12.00 >>>14.00 > 18.00

Famous Deaths

Famous Deaths recreates the final moments in the lives of famous people (J.F.K., Moammar al-Gaddafi) through sound and scents.
The installation consists of mortuary freezers. In which the visitor is positioned. In complete isolation he is immersed in a 4-minute documentary soundscapes and its complementary sequence of fragrances. Famous deaths is part of the Sense of Smell project, developed for Avans University of Applied Science (the Netherlands) and won The Sadakichi Award for Experimental Scent 2015.

Credits :
Lead Design : Marcel van Brakel, Frederik Duerinck.
Senior coder : Mark Meeuwenoord
Team : Marcel Boonman, Daan Rijnkels, Thomas Huster, Wander Eikelboom, Ge Smit.


Goldilocks: the Smelly Version

Goldilocks: the Smelly Version is the first digital olfactory book, or oBook. Read on an electronic tablet, the book emits special scents following the story. The scents emerge from an oPhone, or an oPod, a small portable version of the oPhone. The oBook, oPhone, and oPod belong to the oNotes Platform that launches in March 2016.


The Diplaced

60 million people are currently displaced from their homes by war and persecution, half of whom are children. This 11-minute film follows three of those children. With virtual reality the viewers can experience their daily lives in an immersive and empathetic way. NYT’s program is the first critical, serious piece of journalism using virtual reality, to shed light on one of the most dire humanitarian crises.

Co-directed by Imraan Ismail (Vrse) and Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times journalist Ben C. Solomon.


Free entry. Limited seating.

2/16/19 10:00

Date : 20 January 2016

Heure : 2/16/19 10:00

Lieu : Bellevue - Rhune 1