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We believe in the special bond that unifies the Canadian and French industries.

It weaves, withers, and rebuilds itself around synergies, of talent, creation, innovation, diversity, expertise,
financing, and marketing. Moreover, it is the result of a shared political drive to support creative industries
and guide them in their structural evolution.

Focus Canada at the 30th Fipa will highlight the richness of these exchanges through a large Canadian
delegation whose scope unites public and private sectors and both French and English-speaking spheres;
plus, the audiovisual, digital, musical, and educational markets. Creative talent, producers, distributors,
platforms, institutions… All will be present at Fipa, so that partnerships can be developed and new collaborations
can be formed.

Works that are in competition, carte blanche at prestigious festivals, professional events, and networking:
Focus Canada promises excellent and constructive discussion, shared experiences and expertise, new talent
to discover, and strong synergies to explore.

– Florence Girot – Erika Denis


Creative Documentary

An Eye for an Eye, Ilan Ziv
Angry Inuk, Alethea Arnaquq-Baril


Lâcher prise, Isabelle Langlois

Music and performing arts 

Der Stehgeiger, le violoniste debout, Sébastien Ventura

Smart Fipa

Halcyon, Benjamin Arfmann

Carte Blanche

Creative Documentary

KONELĪNE: Our Land Beautiful, Nettie Wild
Quebec, My Country, Mon pays, John Walker 
Gulîstan, terre de roses, Zaynê Akyol

Talent and canadian professionals attending to the Fipa Industry



Christiane Asselin
Director, Multiscreen Content and Programming – Web TV & ICI (Radio Canada)

        Paul McGrath
        Director – Digital content (Canadian
        Broadcasting Corporation – CBC)

Sarah Adams
Executive in Charge of Production – Drama (CBC Scripted Content)

        Glenn O’Farrell
        President & CEO (Groupe Média TFO)

Jeremy Friedberg
Producer (Spongelab)

        Josette Normandeau
        Producer (Ideacom)

Nicole Matiation
Managing Director (On Screen Manitoba)

        Ana Serrano
        Chief Digital Officer (Canadian Film Centre –

Deborah Day – Productrice
Producer (Innovate by Day)

        Nina Sudra
        General Manager (VICE)

Marc Beaudet
Producer (Turbulent)

        Stéphane Cardin
        VP Industry and Public Affairs (Fonds des                 Médias du Canada – FMC-CMF)

Jenny Thibault
Managing director (Regroupement des producteurs multimedia – RPM)

        Geneviève Côté
        Chief Quebec Affairs Officer and manager

Peter Henry Phillips

        Carole Facal (Caracol)

Sébastien Blais-Montpetit

        Cristobal Tapia de Veer


        Marie-Josée Corbeil
        Manager, TV & Motion Picture (Group                       National Bank of Canada) 

Marie-Chantal Dumont
Journalist – Haut parleur – Québec

       Jean Pelletier
       Senior Director of information (Radio Canada)

Dominic Desjardins
Producer (ONF-NFB)

       Jac Gautreau
       Producer (ONF-NFB)

Eric Therrien
Consultant (Ministère de l’Education –
Nouvelle Ecosse)

       Gilbert Ouellette
       Consultant (Evolumedia)


Smart Fipa

The Phi Center moves its VR Garden to the Smart Fipa exposition!