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A raw, first-person account of the last war in Gaza, July 2014. Mohamed Jabaly, a young man from Gaza City, joins an ambulance crew as war approaches. What is it like to grow up under constant threat? How can Mohamed find his place in a country under siege, where at times there seems to be no foreseeable future? We experience the war through Mohamed’s eyes as he comes of age among broken bodies, terrified families, and the constant risk of sudden death.

Norway, Palestine2016 • 01:20 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition

Director : Mohamed Jabaly
Author-scriptwriter : Mohamed Jabaly
Original Score : Gaute Barlindhaug
DoP : Mohamed Jabaly
Sound : Rune Hansen
Editing : Nanna Frank Møller

Production company
John Arvid Berger, JABfilm
Strandvegen 95
N-9006 Tromsø, Norway
Phone : +47 92 892 881
Website :

World Sales company
Gitte Hansen, First Hand Films
Neunbrunnenstraße 50
8050 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone : +41 44 312 2060

Co-production company
Idioms Film