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Rik, who took cooking lessons in prison, has matured into an excellent chef. He opens a restaurant with four former inmates, convinced that this project will put their lives back on the path of virtue. Their venture is an epic attempt at doing good and at earning back the respect they have lost. Will they stick to the path of virtue, or use their “talents” to solve problems the easy way? Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.

Belgium2015 • 00:50 • Series • Competition

Director : Kadir Balci, Hendrik Moonen
Author-scriptwriter : Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem, Pierre De Clercq
Original Score : Chrisnanne Wiegel, Melcher Meirmans, Joris Oonk, Jelle Verstraeten
DoP : Diego Dezuttere
Sound : Joeri Verspecht
Editing : Joris Brouwers, Pieter Smet
Created by : Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem, Pierre De Clercq
Main cast : Jurgen Delnaet, Johny Voners, Şahin Avci, Wouter Hendrickx, Matthieu Sys, Frances Lefebure

Production company
A Private View
P/A Begijnhof ter Hoyen
Lange Violettestraat 237
9000 Ghent, Belgium
Phone : +32 9 240 1000

Co-production company

With the participation of
Casa Kafka Pictures, Casa Kafka Pictures Movie Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius

World Sales company
Justus Riesenkampff, Beta Film Gmbh
Gruenwalder Weg 28d
82041 Oberhaching, Germany
Phone : +49 89 6734 6980