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Amours interdites

This transmedia project encourages the audience to examine the society in which they live, their rigid personal and collective beliefs, and the impact these have on others. It is an interactive narrative of eight love stories, all condemned by society. Each episode comprises a short documentary, insight into the cultural context of the country and the consequent issues faced by the couple, and the work of a local photographer. A call for personal testimonies invites internet users to share their own experiences.

France2016 • Smart Fipa • Competition

Created by : Anne Loussouarn
Director : Séverine Bardon, Anne Loussouarn, Michaël Sztanke
Author-scriptwriter : Anne Loussouarn
DoP : Emmanuel Bach, Gaël Caron, James de Caupenne, Nolwenn Hervé, Frédéric Mainçon
Editing : Olivier Marzin

Production company
Baozi Prod
5 rue Hippolyte Lebas
75009 Paris, France
Phone : +33 9 5398 4694

Co-production company
Arte G.E.I.E.

World Sales company
Romain Godard, Screenhits
Coda Studios, Suite 24.12 189 Munster Road
SW6 6AW London, United Kingdom
Phone : +44 20 3021 1863