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Burning Out

Dans le ventre de l'hôpital

For two years, Belgian director Jérôme le Maire followed the members of a surgical unit in a large Parisian hospital. The ultra-high-performance unit works like an assembly line: 14 theatres, each with a target turnaround of 8-10 operations daily. Though the management is extremely sophisticated, it has become pathogenic. Chronic stress, burnout, and psychosocial risks lead the administration to order an audit to try to stop the spark from reaching the powder keg.

Belgium, France, Switzerland2016 • 01:25 • Documentary • European creation

Director : Jérôme le Maire
Author-scriptwriter : Jérôme le Maire, Pascal Chabot
DoP : Jérôme le Maire
Sound : Jérôme le Maire, Marianne Roussy, Romain Cadilhac
Editing : Matyas Veress

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