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Det Mest Förbjudna

Wicked daughter. Unfaithful wife. Sexy mistress. Bad mother. Reluctant grandmother. We meet a strong and rigid martyr mom with a frightened and obedient daughter, gentle and kind. Until she, as a mature woman, explodes into a teenage rebellion that she has postponed for 25 years. The effect is brutal. With a mixture of anguish and triumph, she plunges straight into all forbidden things; as a writer, wife, mother, mistress, and as a public figure of great controversy. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.

Sweden2016 • 00:59 • Drama • Competition

Director : Tova Magnusson
Author-scriptwriter : Åsa Lantz
Original Score : Jenny Wilson
DoP : Andréas Lennartsson
Sound : Niklas Skarp
Editing : Thomas Lagerman
Main cast : Cilla Thorell, Anna Bjelkerud, Magnus Krepper, Richard Forsgren, Sven Ahlström
Created by : Åsa Lantz

Production company
Christer Nilson, GötaFilm
Polstjaernegatan 14
417 56 Gothenburg, Sweden
Phone : +46 70 843 5480
Website :

World Sales company
Jacob Harregaard, Nordisk Film
Mosedalvej 14
2500 Valby, Denmark
Phone : +45 2749 9119

Co-production company
SVT - Sveriges Television AB, Film i Väst, Eyeworks Scandi Fiction