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Die Stille Danach

Paula Rohm receives an alarming telephone call. Shots have been fired at the school that her children, Felix and Flora, attend. There have been deaths. At the school Paula and her husband Michael, realize that their son Felix is the perpetrator, and was himself his final victim. The world of the wealthy Rohm family falls apart. The more the truth comes to light, the more clearly each family member recognises their own part in Felix's terrible choice.

Austria, Germany2016 • 01:28 • Drama • Competition

Director : Nikolaus Leytner
Created by : Klaus Lintschinger
Author-scriptwriter : Nikolaus Leytner
Original Score : Matthias Weber
DoP : Hermann Dunzendorfer
Sound : Max Vornehm
Editing : Britta Nahler
Main cast : Ursula Strauss, Peter Schneider, Sophie Stockinger, Enzo Gaier, Rainer Wöss

Production company
Allegro Film
Krummgasse 1a
A-1030 Vienne, Austria
Phone : +43 1712 5036

Co-production company
Österreichischer Rundfunk, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

World Sales company
ORF Enterprise GmbH
Wuerzburggasse 30
A-1136 Wien, Austria
Phone : +43 18 7781 3030