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Doar o rasuflare

A Mere Breath explores the profound contradictory nature of family love. Both a journey of initiation and a theological parable, the film follows 7 years in the life of the Sicrea family in Romania, capturing, in painterly tableaux of sheer poetry, the trials and tribulations of Dobrin, his wife Lia, and their 3 children. Dobrin is hoping for a miracle that will enable his youngest daughter to get up from her wheelchair and walk.

Romania2016 • 01:06 • Documentary • European creation

Director : Monica Lazurean-Gorgan
Author-scriptwriter : Monica Lazurean-Gorgan
DoP : Marius Apopei, Barbu Balasoiu
Sound : Tudor Petre
Editing : Andrei Gorgan

Production company
Monica Lazurean-Gorgan, Manifest Film
Bucarest, Romania

Co-production company
HBO Central Europe Original Programming

World Sales company
Aleksandar Govedarica, Syndicado
121 Beaconsfield Ave.
M6J 3J5 Toronto, Canada
Phone : +421 949 635890