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Dugma – The Button

When al Qaida are up against a seemingly impenetrable enemy position in Syria, they send in the Martyrdom Seekers – volunteers who drive a truck or an armoured personnel carrier loaded with tons of explosives towards the enemy and detonate the load. These operations are simply known among the Jihadis by the Arabic word for button: Dugma. In this film, we follow four Martyrdom Seekers in their daily lives waiting for their turn to go on the final mission. But when their times comes, where does their quiet confidence come from?

Norway2016 • 00:58 • Documentary • European creation

Director : Paul Salahadin Refsdal
Author-scriptwriter : Paul Salahadin Refsdal
DoP : Paul Salahadin Refsdal
Sound : Svenn Jakobsen
Editing : Robert Stengård

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