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Étudiants, l’avenir à crédit

In the mid-1960s some 13 million youth across the globe were enrolled in higher education. In 2015, there were 200 million. In 15 years, there will be 400 million. An enormous consumer market is forming. Around the world, the transmission of knowledge is being commodified. Young people are taking on debt in the pursuit of an education. From Shanghai to New York, Paris to Berlin, universities are becoming gigantic corporations under pressure from global competition… But at what cost… And who stands to gain?

France2016 • 01:24 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition

Director : Jean-Robert Viallet
Author-scriptwriter : Jean-Robert Viallet
Original Score : Tal Zana
Narrator : Hortense Volle
DoP : Jean-Robert Viallet
Sound : Jean-Michel Tresallet, Cécile Wittendal, Nicolas Waschkowski
Editing : Catherine Catella

Production company
Emmanuelle Dugne, Comité Français de Radio Télévision
45 bis rue de la Glacière
75013 Paris, France
Phone : +33 1 4408 8878
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Co-production company
Arte France

World Sales company
Roch Bozino, Java Films
38 quai du Point-du-Jour
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Phone : +33 1 7471 3313