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Flint Is a Place

A cross platform episodic documentary series about Flint, Michigan, seeks to document a specific moment within this resilient American city in an intimate, character driven way. While it is not aiming to solve Flint’s issues, it will change our understanding of them. The series cover the water crisis, the Flint police department, history of Flint, and the city’s youth using a variety of media - film, photographs, data, VR. It will launch in spring 2017 as an interactive web documentary.

United States2017 • Smart Fipa • Competition

Created by : Zackary Canepari
Director : Zackary Canepari, Drea Cooper, Jessica Dimmock
Original Score : Matthew Joynt, Nathan Sandberg
DoP : Vanessa Carr, Drea Cooper, Jessica Dimmock, Joe Rivera, Sophia Rose, Mo Scarpelli
Sound : Lawrence Everson, Bryan Scary, Brian Susko
Editing : Joshua Banville, Drea Cooper, Jessica Dimmock, Carter Gunn, Julia Irwin, Nancy Musinguzi, Lindsey Phillips
Développement web/ Web Development : Frederik Delmotte
Web Designer : Guillermo Brotons

Production company
Liza Faktor, Screen
163 W 10th str, #3RW
10014 New York, United States
Phone : +1 917 833 2588