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The great musical revolution of today takes place in Africa. In Fonko we meet some of the most outspoken, creative and interesting artists of today that redefines the image of Africa, traveling from Dakar in the west through Accra, Lagos and Luanda to Johannesburg in the south. Throughout the movie we also hear the voice of Fela Kuti, one of the continent's greatest musical icons and political activists. Fela speaks through early recorded interviews.

Sweden, Germany, Switzerland2016 • 01:27 • Performing Arts • Competition

Director : Lamin Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén, Göran Hugo Olsson
Author-scriptwriter : Lamin Daniel Jadama, Göran Hugo Olsson, Lars Lovén
Sound : Fredrik Stålne, Niklas Antonell
Editing : Limpasen Game
DoP : Ania Winiarska, Lamin Daniel Jadama, Göran Hugo Olsson, Lars Lovén, Patrick Nation (Droit Libre TV), Jakob Sandberg (Droit Libre TV), Astrid Askberger (Droit Libre TV)
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