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Free to Rock

How Rock and Roll Helped End the Cold War

An exploration of how American Rock & Roll music spread like an uncontrollable virus across the Iron Curtain in the last half of the 20th century. The film follows this story, and its key players, as radio pumped Rock & Roll into Eastern Europe and the USSR, while inspiring thousands of underground rock bands and millions of supporters who embraced it as the “sound of freedom”. They sparked a revolution that openly defied the communist governments, while contributing to their collapse.

United States2016 • 01:00 • Performing Arts • Competition

Director : Jim Brown
Author-scriptwriter : Jim Brown
Narrator : Kiefer Sutherland
DoP : Jim Brown
Editing : Pat Murphy, Paul Pettrisans, Jason L. Pollard
Producteur délégué/ Executive Producer : John Beug, Nick Binkley, Bill Ivey, Stas Namin, Doug Yeager
Sur une idée de/ Original idea by : Nick Binkley, Valery Saifudinov, Doug Yeager

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Production company
Nick BinkleyStas NaminDoug YeagerJim BrownPBS Records, Inc.
PO Box 3470
CA 92067 Rancho Santa Fe, United States

World Sales company
Doug Zwick, PopTwist Entertainment, Inc.
Playa del Rey, 8162 Manitoba St.,
CA 90293 Los Angeles, United States
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