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I Go Back Home – Jimmy Scott

Disillusioned producer and composer Ralf Kemper becomes obsessed with the idea of bringing attention to forgotten jazz legend Jimmy Scott. By the time they meet, Scott is 85 years old and in a very poor state of health. Together with many of Scott’s old friends, like Quincy Jones, Joe Pesci, and James Moody, Kemper pursues his dream. He spares no expense and reaches the limits of what can be done to capture Jimmy’s unique voice in a race against time.

Germany, United States2016 • 01:38 • Performing Arts • Competition

Director : Yoon-ha Chang
Created by : Yoon-ha Chang
Author-scriptwriter : Yoon-ha Chang
Created by : Ralf Kemper
Original Score : Ralf Kemper, Mark Joggerst
Author-scriptwriter : Florian Siebert
DoP : Yoon-ha Chang, Florian Siebert, Fabian Koch
Sound : Tom Blankenberg
Editing : Yoon-ha Chang, Florian Siebert

Production company
Kemper Music
Deichstr. 1
41468 Neuss, Germany
Phone : +49 17 3721 0333

World Sales company
Rushlake Media GmbH
Karolingerring 31
50678 Cologne, Germany
Phone : +49 221 5883 2180

Co-production company
Sine Qua Non Music Inc.