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Il Coraggio di vincere

Rocco was a promising boxer but he stopped fighting when an unfair disqualification cost him the Italian middleweight title. After 15 years, he begins running an old gym without great expectations, until, by chance, he runs into a young Senegalese, Ben. It is immediately clear to him that the boy has natural talent, timing, strength, reflexes, and vision. Rocco is enthusiastic and now finds rekindled in himself the desire for redemption and the absolute will to win even risking everything...

Italy2016 • 01:44 • Drama • European creation

Created by : Liliana Eritrei, Adriana Sabbatini
Director : Marco Pontecorvo
Author-scriptwriter : Liliana Eritrei, Adriana Sabbatini, Salvatore Basile, Nicola Lusuardi, Marco Pontecorvo
Original Score : Francesco De Luca, Alessandro Forti
DoP : Vincenzo Carpineta
Sound : Filippo Porcari
Editing : Alessio Doglione
Main cast : Adriano Giannini, Nino Frassica, Serena Rossi, Yan Gael
Created by : Marco Pontecorvo
Main cast : Nina Torresi

Production company
Red Film
Via Sabotino, 46
00195 Rome, Italy
Phone : +39 06 3751 8654

Co-production company
Rai Fiction

World Sales company
Mattia Oddone, Rai Com
, Italy
Phone : +39 06 8740 8197