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L’Eau sacrée

Vestine, star of Rwandan nighttime radio, leads us on a discovery of the sacred water that gushes from women’s bodies. With humour and spontaneity, it unveils for us the mysteries of female ejaculation. Much more than an exploration of unusual sexual practices and their mythological origins, Sacred Water focuses on words, sharing, and transmission.

Belgium2016 • 00:55 • Documentary • European creation

Director : Olivier Jourdain
Author-scriptwriter : Olivier Jourdain
DoP : Christophe Rolin, Olivier Jourdain
Sound : Guy Ndoli, Sébastien Wielemans
Editing : Mélanie Leclech, Mathieu Piérart

Production company
Michel Dutry, Nameless Productions
31 rue Herman Reuleaux
B-4020 Liège, Belgium
Phone : +32 4 342 0620

Co-production company
RTBF, WIP-Wallonie Image Production

World Sales company
WIP-Wallonie Image Production
Pôle Image de Liège, Bâtiment T
36 Rue de Mulhouse
B-4020 Liège, Belgium
Phone : +32 4 340 1040
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