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La Grande Histoire d’un Petit Trait

This is the story of a little boy who discovers that a simple red line enables him to travel, fall in love, paint, throw a tantrum, charm others, criticise them, make them laugh… The Big Adventure of a Little Line is a poetical, interactive story, in which you are the artist... We invite young and old to take part in the events of a little boy’s lifelong friendship with his red line. By bringing the drawings to life, you breathe life into the story!

France2016 • Smart Fipa • Competition

Director : Antoine Robert
Author-scriptwriter : Camille Duvelleroy, Antoine Robert
Original Score : Romain Trouillet
Narrator : Dominique Pinon
Editing : Antoine Robert
D'après l'œuvre de/ Original story by : Serge Bloch
Développement web/ Web Development : Yoann Sarels
Mixeur/ Mixer : Geoffrey Durcak

Production company
Quartier l'Islon
30400 Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, France
Phone : +33 4 9094 8959

Co-production company
France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures, La Station Animation, Éditions Sarbacane

World Sales company
La Manufacture d’Expériences Numériques
2 rue Petramal
84 000 Avignon, France
Phone : +33 6 8273 4097