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Les Dauphines

To make ends meet, unemployed mother Béa has to sublet her apartment. That weekend, she takes her two daughters to a beauty pageant in which the youngest is competing. The competition sees Béa project her need to succeed onto her daughter.

Belgium2016 • 00:14 • Drama • New Talent

Director : Juliette Klinke
Author-scriptwriter : Juliette Klinke
Original Score : Julien Trousson
DoP : Jean Minetto, Simon Moirot
Sound : Tristan de la Selle, Jules Koechlin, Lise Bouchez, David Gourmandie, Olivier Lambert, Antonin Schramme
Editing : Lucas Fruitier, Olivier Lambert, Antonin Schramme
Main cast : Evelyne Demaude, Elisa Echevarria, Elise Havelange

Production company
Institut des Arts de Diffusion
Rue Athéna, 4
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Phone : +3210330226
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World Sales company
Shirley Auspert, Mediadiffusion
Gustave Defnet, 3
1060 Brussels, Belgium
Phone : +32 1 033 02 26