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NW tells the story of Natalie and Leah, friends who grew up together in North West London, whose lives have taken them in different directions. Natalie's wealth and ambition have set her apart from the friends and family she grew up with - and she finds herself asking not only who she really is, but where she belongs. In an area where wealth and poverty are only streets apart, life is fragile—as Natalie and Leah are about to find out.

United Kingdom2016 • 01:28 • Drama • Competition

Director : Saul Dibb
Producteur délégué/ Executive Producer : Preethi Mavahalli, Damien Timmer
Producteur/ Producer : Betsan Morris Evans
Author-scriptwriter : Rachel Bennette
Original Score : Rael Jones
DoP : Laurie Rose
Sound : William Whale, Josh Ward
Editing : Ben Lester, Miguel Rebagliato
Main cast : Nikki Amuka-Bird, Phoebe Fox, Cyril Guei, Jake Fairbrother, Richie Campbell

Production company
Mammoth screen LTD
142-144 New Cavendish Street
3rd Floor
W1W 6YF London, United Kingdom
Phone : +44 20 7268 0050

World Sales company
Samantha McMillon, ITV Studios Global Entertainment
The London TV Center
upper ground
SE1 9LT Londres, United Kingdom
Phone : +44 20 7157 3000