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Quartier impopulaire

Le Mirail, Toulouse. Crime, rioting, religion, and terrorism: it seems there is no common ground between the different communities of the ghetto. The divisions are widening beyond control. This documentary offers straight talk, rooted in time and trust. It can be direct or abrupt, sometimes even confusing or shocking, but it is essential in forming the first few threads of a dialogue. Only through learning and understanding can we resist the reflex to reject the Other.

France2016 • 01:20 • Documentary • French creation

Director : François Chilowicz
Author-scriptwriter : François Chilowicz
Original Score : Klams
Narrator : François Chilowicz
DoP : François Chilowicz
Sound : François Chilowicz
Editing : Hélène Attali

Production company
Bellota Films
6 villa du Clos-Malevart
75011 Paris, France
Phone : + 33 1 4807 2871

World Sales company
Lucky You
188 rue de la Roquette
75011 Paris, France
Phone : +33 1 4929 4797

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