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In Chile at the end of the 1960s, two young sisters, Ramona and Helga, leave the countryside for the city, fleeing their father’s violence. There, they meet a prostitute named Carmen, who teaches them the basics of survival in this new urban environment. The story of these three women and their solidarity symbolises that of an entire generation, who came to town to build a better future. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.

Chile2016 • 00:45 • Series • Competition

Author-scriptwriter : Guillermo Calderón
Created by : Guillermo Calderón, Carmen Gloria López, Patricio Pereira
Director : Andrés Wood, Julio Jorquera, Marcos Sánchez, Guillermo Calderón
Author-scriptwriter : Andrés Wood, Julio Jorquera, Patricio Pereira
Sound : Miguel Hormazábal
Editing : Camilo Campi
Main cast : Gianina Frutero, Paola Lottus, Belén Herrera, Daniel Muñoz, Luis Dubó
Original Score : Miranda & Tobar
DoP : Miguel J. Littin M. (ASC)American Society of Cinematographers

Production company
Invercine & Wood
Copihue 2899 Providencia
7510210 Santiago, Chile
Phone : +56 229 205 415

Co-production company
Wood Producciones, TVN - Televisión Nacional de Chile

With the participation of
CNTV - Consejo Nacional de Televisión

World Sales company
Patricia Jasin, Fly Content
20900 NE 30th Ave 8th Floor
Fl 33180 Aventura, United States
Phone : +1 954 457 1200