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In rural and urban spaces, many sights and sounds ring out. The noises that surround us are accentuated and resonate with our bodies’ to take on an organic quality. Blank faces are brought to life by the actors’ vocal sounds. The director superimposes the visual and audible worlds to create a composition that is current and contemporary.

Poland2015 • 00:15 • Experimental • New Talent

Director : Dominik Ritszel
Author-scriptwriter : Dominik Ritszel
DoP : Dominik Ritszel, Piotr Kopernok
Sound : Krzysztof Sokól
Editing : Dominik Ritszel
Original Score : Krzysztof Sokól
Main cast : Oskar Podolski, Dominik Franusik, Maciej Gosniowski, Mateusz Marcinkowski, Lukasz Paduch, Alek Podolski

Dominik Ritszel
Phone : + 33 697983510

With the participation of
The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland

Dominik Ritszel
Phone : + 33 697983510