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Rien n’est pardonné

When the Arab Spring turns into the Islamist Autumn, activist and journalist Zineb El Rhazoui decides to leave Morocco for Paris. There she finds a new professional family at Charlie Hebdo until the terrorist attack. Not present at the time, she becomes the most protected woman in France. She quickly becomes a public figure speaking out against radical Islam. But then she gets pregnant and the birth of her baby girl changes her outlook on the future drastically. And her opponents haven’t forgiven her.

Belgium2017 • 01:00 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition

Director : Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe
Author-scriptwriter : Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe
Original Score : Christophe Calis, Stef Van Alseno
DoP : Guillaume Vandenberghe
Sound : Vincent Coen
Editing : Thomas Vandecasteele, David Dusa

Production company
Bart Van Langendonck, Savage Film
Square Sans Soucis, 2
1050 Bruxelles, Belgium
Phone : +32 2 711 4291

World Sales company
Gitte Hansen, First Hand Films
Neunbrunnenstraße 50
8050 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone : +41 44 312 2060

Co-production company
RTBF, Eklektik Productions