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Despite his attempts to take charge of his life, Ron remains quite the same. At 36 years old, he has grown accustomed to his gray and dull daily routine, and as he looks back he sees his best years waving at him. He hasn't found love, a career or even a general direction of meaning, and that begins weighing on his soul. In an attempt to pull himself together, he reconnects with an old flame and tries to break his habits in order to achieve a little piece of happiness. Episodes 1 and 3 will be screened at Fipa.

Bellevue /// Auditorium

Israel2017 • 00:24 • Series • Special Screenings

Created by : Ron Feldman, Anat Oren
Director : Ron Feldman
Author-scriptwriter : Ron Feldman, Anat Oren
Original Score : Omri Lahav
DoP : Dan Sachar
Sound : Itzik Cohen
Editing : Yuval Shar
Main cast : Ron Feldman, Anat Oren

Production company
July August Productions
6 Beit Hilel st.
67017 Tel Aviv, France
Phone : +972 5 4266 0104
E-mail :

Co-production company
yes Studios, DBS Satellite services

World Sales company
yes Studios
, Israel
Phone : +972 5 0545 4242