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Satudarah – One Blood

Accused of criminal activities and for waging a war against the Hell's Angels, biker gang Satudarah often make headlines both in the Netherlands, and the rest of Europe. This film has successfully penetrated their secret world, revealing the weaker side of the illegal biker gang’s key figures who are set apart by their ethnic origins and their particular connections with their Indonesian homeland.

Netherlands2015 • 01:23 • Documentary • Competition

Director : Joost Van der Valk, Mags Gavan
Author-scriptwriter :
DoP : Joost Van der Valk, Marco Nauta
Sound : Mags Gavan, Eric de Roode
Editing : Patrick Janssens

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De Familie Film & TV
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Kaisa Kriek, NPO- Nederlandse Publieke Omroep Sales
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