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Sea is my Country

Sea is my Country is a web documentary that immerses us in today’s merchant marine. Through a unique interface heard in binaural stereo surround-sound, we discover the lives of these men and explore seamen’s clubs: a network of meeting places where sailors go to socialise in today’s huge ports. Once at the dock, do we dare embark? The adventure reaches two continents in three voyages, with a few surprising ports of call. To be discovered at the Smart Lab (Bellevue - Rhune 1), free entry.

France2018 • 01:22 • National documentary • Competition

Created by : Marc Picavez
Author-scriptwriter : Marc Picavez
Director : Marc Picavez
Author-scriptwriter : Nicolas Bole
Original Score : Antoine Bellanger, Aymeric Chaslerie
Narrator : Anna Lepley
DoP : Rémy Mazet, Vincent Pouplard, Eloi Brignaudy, Marc Picavez
Sound : Jérémie Halbert, Brice Picard
Editing : Marc Picavez, Catherine Rascon, Virgile Guihard
Web development : Raluca Bunescu, Guihem Thebault, Julien Hasenfratz
Design / Animation / Illustration : Estelle Duret
Web development : Nicolas Bole, Manon Harsigny, Méline Engerbeau

Production company
Les Films du Balibari
19-21 rue Crucy
44000 Nantes, France
Phone : +33 2 5184 5184

World Sales company
Elodie Houssais, Point du Jour International
23, rue de Cronstadt
75015 Paris, France
Phone : +33 1 7544 8080