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Shooting Ourselves

13 lives affected by the arms trade converge in a warehouse in Berlin. From around the world, they have come to dramatise and record their personal stories for a show by Berlin-based theatre legends, Rimini Protokoll. The film captures the idiosyncratic atmosphere behind this futuristic production, where strangers from across the globe submit themselves to a theatrical world order where all perspectives are equal, to create an oddly warm and dysfunctional family bound by weapons and warfare.

Norway, Germany, Denmark2016 • 01:27 • Documentary • Competition

Director : Christine Cynn
Author-scriptwriter : Christine Cynn
Original Score : Sam Britton, Will Worsley
DoP : Martin Hampton
Sound : Frank Böhle
Editing : Anette Ruud Andersen (NFK)
Animation 3D/ 3D Animation : Jegor Souchko
Motion Graphic Design : Catalogtree

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