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Ta’agad – Army Clinic

Welcome to Army Clinic 33: two small dormitories, a joint shower, an infirmary, and lots of raging hormones. This is home to eight male and female soldiers—medics who care for the paratrooper battalion at the end of the world and in the middle of the desert. Here they'll learn a lesson or two about life, love and most importantly, about their true selves in an intense surrounding which pushes them to their limits. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 will be screened at Fipa.

Israel2016 • 00:30 • Series • Competition

Director : Zion Rubin
Author-scriptwriter : Zion Rubin
Created by : Zion Rubin
Original Score : Ophir Leibovitch
DoP : Amos Refaeli, Zohar Mutayn
Sound : Ereal Miloh
Editing : Ran Meirovich, Dafna Roseman, Libi Ben-Amos
Main cast : Daniel Gal, Or Edri, Shira Naor, Dean Miroshnikov, Tom Gratziani

Production company
United Studios of Israel
12 Ha'kesem Street
4649614 Herzeliya, Israel
Phone : +972 9 959 5100
E-mail :
Website :

World Sales company
Tal Amram, DBS Satellite services
Hayozma 6
4442218 Kfar Saba, Israel
Phone : +972 9761 5659