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September 2017. The President of France heads to the Carlton Hotel, where a number of politicians and sportspeople have met to appoint the host city for the next Summer Olympic Games. In the muffled corridors of the hotel, people speculate in secret… Because the choice of city will also seal the fate of events far from the Olympic stadium. In Tantale, YOU will be the one to choose: YOU are the President.

France2016 • Smart Fipa • Competition

Director : Gilles Porte
Author-scriptwriter : Marc Gibaja, Mathilde Mélèse
Original Score : Vincent Courtois
DoP : Gilles Porte, Samuel Lahu
Sound : Sébastien Noiré
Editing : Catherine Schwartz, Camille Langlais
Développement web/ Web Development : Romain Bonnin
Main cast : François Marthouret, Jean-Luc Bideau, Marie Denarnaud, Émile Abossolo-Mbo, Asil Raìs, Julie Bernard

Production company
La Générale de Production
7 rue Affre
75018 Paris, France
Phone : +33 1 4223 2034

Co-production company
Pictanovo, Radio France, France Télévisions Nouvelles Écritures