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The Fight for Falluja

This virtual-reality film transports you directly into the violent center of the unravelling of Iraq. It allows viewers to experience, firsthand, the battles that Iraqi forces endured to retake Falluja from ISIS this past June. Ben C. Solomon, the Pulitzer Prize-winning filmmaker and video journalist for The New York Times, chronicles the push to retake the city and the aftermath, not just of that battle but of the larger war that has devastated the entire region.

United States2016 • Smart Fipa • Competition

Director : Ben C. SolomonThe New York Times Magazine
Producteur/ Producer : Jenna PirogThe New York Times Magazine
Original Score : Matthew Joynt, Nathan Sandberg
Post-Production : Koncept VR
DoP : Bryan DentonThe New York Times Magazine
Editing : Ben C. SolomonThe New York Times Magazine
Producteur délégué/ Executive Producer : Jake SilversteinThe New York Times Magazine, Kathy RyanThe New York Times Magazine, Nancy GaussThe New York Times Magazine

Production company
Jenna Pirog, The New York Times Magazine
620 Eighth Avenue
NY 10018 New York, United States
Phone : +1 212 556 5858
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Pulitzer Center