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Stage director Pippo Delbono visits a centre for refugees seeking asylum, and shares in their daily lives as they struggle through the limbo between painful memories and an uncertain future. Little by little, he gains their trust. Thus begins a relationship that gives him the idea of collaborating with them on Gospel, a theatrical adaptation that had been his mother’s dying wish. Only a few words of the Gospel survive this transition to the stage, but they retain their original power.

Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland2016 • 01:28 • Performing Arts • European creation

Director : Pippo Delbono
Author-scriptwriter : Pippo Delbono
Original Score : Piero Corso, Antoine Bataille
DoP : Fabrice Aragno, Pippo Delbono
Sound : Fabrice Aragno
Editing : Fabrice Aragno

Production company
Stemal Entertainment
Via Vespasiano, 60
00192 Roma, Italy
Phone : +39 06 3975 0019

World Sales company
Daniela Elstner, Doc & Film International
13, rue Portefoin
75003 Paris, France
Phone : +33 1 4277 5687

Co-production company
Catherine Dussart Productions, Les Films du Fleuve, Ventura Film, Snaporazverein, Compagnia Pippo Delbono, Rai Cinema