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Yusuf is a young university graduate suffering from discrimination, lack of opportunity and the rage of youth against injustice. As he slowly becomes seduced by extremist thought, his family seems powerless to dissuade him. His Uncle Salim, the only father figure around, is helpless in the face of his nephew's ideology. Salim, recently reunited with Jack, his best friend from childhood, is helpless as these three lives become fatally entwined.

Kenya2015 • 01:12 • Drama • Competition

Director : Nick Reding
Created by : Nick Reding
DoP : Joan Poggio
Sound : David Kabash Kinyanjui
Editing : Carole Gikandi Omondi
Main cast : Ali Mlatso, Benson Obiva, Said Muhsin, Aisha Mwajumlah, Khadija Abdulqadir
Author-scriptwriter : S.A.F.E Pwani, The Residents of Mombasa

Production company
Nick Reding, S.A.F.E Kenya
PO Box 1165
00502 Nairobi, Kenya
Phone : +44 075 9546 8372

World Sales company
Rushlake Media GmbH
Karolingerring 31
50678 Cologne, Germany
Phone : +49 221 5883 2180