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White Pig (harcelée)

Her mother busies herself with aerobics, shopping, and cooking – but for 15-year-old Camille, each passing day plunges her deeper into humiliation, traps, and threats. Her bullies enjoy reinventing and amplifying these “games” online. Is Camille the slightly strange, withdrawn young girl the adults around her make her out to be? Or is she simply the victim of a cruel cyber game with fatal consequences? To be discovered at the Smart Lab (Bellevue - Rhune 1), free entry.

Belgium2017 • 00:24 • Series • Competition

Director : Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul, Samuel Biondo
Author-scriptwriter : Alex Lorette
Created by : Alex Lorette
DoP : Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul
Sound : Rainier Buidin, Pablo Schwilden Diaz, François Fripiat
Editing : Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul
VR development : Samuel Biondo
Main cast : Delphine Peraya, Jasmina Douieb, Catherine Salée, Laurent Caron

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Radio Télévision belge de la communauté française
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