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Zarah – Wilde Jahre

Zarah - Wild Times tells the story of an ambitious journalist and her part in the women’s liberation movement of the early 1970s, as she battles the entrenched patriarchy of a popular weekly magazine. It is a time when uncharted waters are being tested in fashion, pop culture, sex and politics. Germany is hip and with it, but the positions of power in politics, business and the media are still almost exclusively held by men. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.

Cinéma /// Le Royal

Germany2017 • 00:45 • Series • Competition

Director : Richard Huber
Author-scriptwriter : Eva Zahn, Volker A. Zahn
Created by : Jan Kromschröder
Original Score : René Dohmen, Eva Holtmann
DoP : Robert Berghoff
Sound : Torsten Többen
Editing : Knut Hacke
Main cast : Claudia Eisinger, Torben Liebrecht

Production company
Bantry Bay Productions GmbH
Hohenzollernring 21-23
50672 Köln, Germany
Phone : +49 221 99885

World Sales company
Mirela Nastase, ZDF Enterprises
Erich-Dombrowski-Strasse 1
55127 Mainz, Germany
Phone : +49 6131 991161