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Zero Impunity

Zero Impunity is a transmedia investigative activist project that denounces the impunity of sexual violence in the current armed conflicts. Zero Impunity has the ambition to re-imagine online activism by mobilizing the audience through strong testimonies and overwhelming investigations. By organizing the first 3D citizen demonstration, we want to engage the audience in a collective augmented action and so fight together against impunity.

Luxembourg, France2017 • Smart Fipa • Competition

Created by : Nicolas Blies, Stéphane Hueber-Blies, Marion Guth
Conception et gestion de projet/ Design and Project Management : Florent MaurinThe Pixel Hunt
Développements techniques/ Technical Developments : Kevin Bradshaw
Développement web/ Web Development : Damien Blanchota_BAHN
Graphisme/ Graphic Design : Brigitte NataiLa Brigitterie
Graphisme 3D et Animation/ 3D Graphic Design and Animation : Alexandre Grilleta
Équipe d’investigation : Collectif Youpress

Production company
115a rue Emile Mark
L1640 Differdange, Luxembourg
Phone : +352 336 5046 2235
Website :

Co-production company
Camera Talk Productions, Mélusine Productions, Webspider Productions

With the participation of, Mediapart, InfoLibre, Internazionale,, Le Desk