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Selection 2016

Japan2015 • 00:58 • Series • Competition
Mikami is Head of Public Relations for the Metropolitan Police in Tokyo. He and his wife are trying to cope with their daughter’s recent disappearance. To make matters worse, the media harass him to obtain details on the cause of a traffic accident and, at the same time, he must handle the reopening of the “‘64 affair” investigation, which occurred 10 years earlier in the 64th year of the Showa era. This tragic and still-unresolved kidnapping comes back to haunt the police when a new case arises. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
Brazil2015 • 02:07 • Performing Arts • Competition
The parade of samba schools marks the climax of the Rio carnival. Thousands of students participate from each school, with millions spent on floats and costumes to compete for the title of “champion.” Behind the scenes of this extraordinary festival –from choosing the song to counting votes on Ash Wednesday – we follow members of the Portela school, who will have 82 minutes to parade in the Sambadrome.
Brazil2015 • 01:23 • Documentary • International creation
In 1990, at the age of 33, the artist José Leonilson starts registering a diary on a tape recorder. His views on events that shook Brazil and the world permeates his confessions. He also talks about his impressions on movies. The records of this sensitive artist did not intend, at first, anything more than to register the harmony that existed between his life and his peculiar work. However, when he discovers that he is HIV positive, the urgency in his life begins to emerge into his reports.
France, China2015 • 01:46 • Documentary • International creation
The Young Patriot shines light on a new wave of patriotism amongst Chinese youth whose hopes are not pinned on the fall of Communism, and who did not witness Tiananmen Square. As avid supporters of Mao Zedong, they are reactivating old traditions (uniforms, flags, and slogans), demonstrating a passionate and unconditional love for their country. However, over several years our hero becomes disillusioned on discovering the true China that has yielded to the sirens of capitalism.
Lebanon2015 • 00:20 • Drama • New Talent
Beirut, 1973: Nadia is a highly regarded belly dancer in one of the best-known cabarets on Zeytouneh Square. But now at 40, she struggles to keep up with the demands of the profession. During her final performance, she is overcome with emotion and, breathless, takes the stage to revel in her final dance. In doing so, she introduces her provocative young successor.
Lebanon2015 • 20:00 • Drama • New Talent
In the decrepit city of Beirut, a young man is hired by the State Archive to classify and digitise photos of people who disappeared during the civil war. The archive is run by a team of peculiar senior supervisors who demand all work remain confidential. When the youth stumbles upon some particularly sensitive documents, his world is upended.
Austria2015 • 00:30 • Drama • New Talent
A divorced father picks up his eight-year-old daughter Lea to spend the weekend with her. It seems like any normal weekend but after a while, Lea can’t help feeling that something isn’t right, and so her fateful journey begins.
Belgium2015 • 00:50 • Series • Competition
Rik, who took cooking lessons in prison, has matured into an excellent chef. He opens a restaurant with four former inmates, convinced that this project will put their lives back on the path of virtue. Their venture is an epic attempt at doing good and at earning back the respect they have lost. Will they stick to the path of virtue, or use their “talents” to solve problems the easy way? Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
United States, Pakistan2015 • 01:23 • Documentary • International creation
A look at radical Islam through Abdul Aziz Ghazi, the religious leader in the Lal Masjid, the central mosque of Islamabad. Lal Masjid manages Pakistani madrassas for indoctrinating hundreds of children into jihad, something the Pakistani government has been trying to counter by force for over 10 years. In the ideological battle between moderates and fundamentalists, extremists will stop at nothing to disseminate an uncompromising version of sharia law as a universal model throughout the country.
Sweden2015 • 00:44 • Series • Competition
On the run from her old life, her marriage and career unravelling, Vera arrives in a small remote town – Ängelby – seeking a new start, only to find herself inextricably entwined in a complex murder investigation. But her new community is soon rocked to the core by a series of increasingly strange happenings. And it soon becomes apparent that unknowingly only Vera holds the key to the mystery. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.