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Selection 2017

United Kingdom2016 • 01:00 • Smart Fipa • Competition
A mobile web app which takes the user deep into Syria's cyber war. Based on a real Al Jazeera investigation, the user has to interact with hackers, coders, and activists to collect the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time without risking the safety of sources and without getting hacked. Exciting real life journalism presented in an immersive game format that results in a personalised experience of a serious news story.
Poland2016 • 00:24 • Drama • New Talent
1. Structural or functional evolution of an organism towards higher chance of survival. 2. Process of an individual becoming better suited to environment and more resistant to outer stress. 3. The ability of eyesight to adjust to seeing in the dark.
Spain, France2016 • 01:25 • Documentary • Competition
The film follows Ada Colau for one year, from her time spent organizing the anti-eviction fight in Barcelona to her election as mayor. The intimate chronicle featuring Colau’s own video diary and privileged access to the inner-workings of a new citizen platform reveals an extraordinary journey in which two prevalent themes are united: a historic victory illustrative of the political changes taking place in southern Europe, and the inner struggle of someone who fears becoming what she has so often questioned.
Norway, Palestine2016 • 01:20 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition
A raw, first-person account of the last war in Gaza, July 2014. Mohamed Jabaly, a young man from Gaza City, joins an ambulance crew as war approaches. What is it like to grow up under constant threat? How can Mohamed find his place in a country under siege, where at times there seems to be no foreseeable future? We experience the war through Mohamed’s eyes as he comes of age among broken bodies, terrified families, and the constant risk of sudden death.
France2016 • 00:45 • Smart Fipa • Competition
This transmedia project encourages the audience to examine the society in which they live, their rigid personal and collective beliefs, and the impact these have on others. It is an interactive narrative of eight love stories, all condemned by society. Each episode comprises a short documentary, insight into the cultural context of the country and the consequent issues faced by the couple, and the work of a local photographer. A call for personal testimonies invites internet users to share their own experiences.
Canada2016 • 01:38 • Documentary • Competition
A tale of revenge, change of heart, and forgiveness. In the wake of 9/11, Mark Stroman was sentenced to death in Texas for having murdered two immigrants he believed to be Arabs. While on death row, his hatred crumbled away as he began to question his most unwavering beliefs. At the same time, Rais Bhuiyan, the sole survivor of his shooting spree, led a campaign to appeal Stroman’s sentence in the name of Islam. A human drama with a powerful message of hope.
India2016 • 01:38 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition
A non-fiction drama chronicling the most outrageous political debut in the largest democracy in the world. The film follows Arvind Kejriwal and his insurgent party as they look to shake up Indian politics while struggling to keep their own idealism alive. Capturing moments of triumph and despair, the film is a moving cinematic journey through the narrow lanes of Delhi’s slums to the closed corridors of political power.
Belgium, Poland2016 • 00:14 • Documentary • New Talent
This documentary follows a 7-year-old from the children’s home she lives in to the kennels where her dog is kept. Angelika moves with courage and determination. The director films her with a sensitive and intimate approach, as the girl seems to recall warmer times, thanks to the affection offered to her by her locked-up dog. It was made as part of the “Regards Croisés” project, a collaboration between young artists from Brussels and Lodz.
Canada2016 • 01:22 • Documentary • Competition
Seal hunting, which is as important culturally as it is financially to the Inuit way of life, has been a controversial subject for a long time. But a new generation of Inuit, inspired by feelings of injustice and gifted with a remarkable sense of humour, is taking advantage of social media (#sealfie) to confront the opponents of this practice and to insert themselves into the running dialogue within international authorities.
Australia2016 • 00:50 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition
This film revealed the shocking truth about the treatment of children behind bars in the Northern Territory of Australia. A system that’s jailed 10 year olds, and placed 13 year olds in solitary confinement. A place where young offenders have been stripped naked, assaulted, gassed, and placed in restraint chairs. The image of one boy, hooded & shackled to a chair, sent shockwaves around the world & prompted an immediate public inquiry.