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Israel2016 • 00:18 • Drama • New Talent
An Arabian salsa dancer is in relationship with a Jewish dancer. Their next show will take place in an Israeli settlement, but she kept this detail hidden. When they reach the army checkpoint, she realizes that no matter how hard she tries, she will always be “the other”.
France2018 • 01:22 • National documentary • Competition
Sea is my Country is a web documentary that immerses us in today’s merchant marine. Through a unique interface heard in binaural stereo surround-sound, we discover the lives of these men and explore seamen’s clubs: a network of meeting places where sailors go to socialise in today’s huge ports. Once at the dock, do we dare embark? The adventure reaches two continents in three voyages, with a few surprising ports of call. To be discovered at the Smart Lab (Bellevue - Rhune 1), free entry.
Israel2017 • 00:52 • International documentary • Special Screenings
For the first time on screen, second-generation children of Holocaust Survivors open up about their abused childhood suffering. Only now, decades later, they dare confront the memory of both physical and mental abuse. Their Holocaust survivor parents had inadvertently turned from abused Nazi victims, into the abusers of their own children. The film sheds light on the emotional and psychological consequences on the second generation, as they now dread passing on the pain, abuse and horror to their own children.
France2017 • 00:14 • Documentary • Special Screenings
Abdela pays a visit to Fatma, a public writer, to draft a letter ending his mobile phone subscription… Behind the closed doors of Fatma’s office, everyone can relate to the situations that ensue.
France2017 • 01:12 • National documentary • Public prize
It’s a protest. A stifled, yet deafening, cry for help: the silent cry of thousands of Syrian women, a cry that tears through walls of prisons only to face rejection from society. Since 2011, Bashar al-Assad’s regime has used rape as a weapon of war to destroy not only women and their identity, but also to break up their families, their community, and any form of resistance. These Syrian women speak out for the first time.
Brazil2017 • 01:00 • Series • Competition
A year after losing his wife on his own operating table, brilliant but broken surgeon Evandro is still not whole again. Haunted and emotionally wrecked, he's become addicted to oxycodone. Nonetheless, his passion for his work is intact and he spends his days determined to save each of the favela inhabitants who come through the doors of his suburban hospital. The stakes are high and resources are low, forcing Evandro and his team to invent creative solutions. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
Germany2017 • 00:26 • Documentary • New Talent
Since the Balkan route has been closed, the Austrian government is managing a fence and empty tents in the village of Spielfeld. What do the residents think about this "border management"?
Sweden, France, Qatar2017 • 01:14 • International documentary • Competition
Devoted to the Iranian Revolution, Saeid Sadeghi documented the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) from the eye of the event. His dream was to be a martyr. Many of his photos were misused to create war propaganda for martyrdom. Today he views himself as being responsible for sending thousands of boys to their graves.
Germany2016 • 00:12 • Drama • New Talent
As usual, twelve years old Elsa is spending her afternoons at the strip club of her father Carl. Overtired from work and annoyed by Elsa, he is sending her to the club upstairs to collect change. Waiting turns into boredom until an unexpected encounter changes the relationship between Elsa and her father.
France2017 • 01:58 • National documentary • Competition
The juvenile division of the Paris Superior Court on the Île de la Cité handles cases involving minors. Following extensive preparation and after obtaining special authorisation, the film closely follows different juvenile hearings in the chambers of three judges over the course of a year. Penal and educational hearings and face-to-face encounters with the minors, sometimes in an international context (unaccompanied foreign minors) makes for tense moments with uncertain outcomes.