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Luxembourg, Belgium2018 • 01:30 • Performing Arts • Competition
A look back at the little-known story of the secret prison run by the US Army, which held major Nazi officers following the allied victory of 8 May 1945. Between the end of the war and the Nuremberg trials, Mondorf-les-Bains in Luxembourg held Goering, Doenitz, Keitel, Rosenberg, Ley, Frank, Streicher, Seyss-Inquart, Lutz von Krosigk, von Papen…
France, Belgium2018 • 00:52 • Series • Competition
Ben ran away from home in Nantes as a teenager. Now as a journalist back in her hometown, she has her own particular methods of getting a scoop. Her intuition and recklessness put her onto a number of police investigations and she finds herself working with Captain Wagner to solve the murder of a surrogate mother. What Ben uncovers behind the news are her own inner truths. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
France, France2017 • 01:05 • Series • Special Screenings
To surf in 1980s Biarritz was to buck the system. The quest for extreme thrills and the absolute could lead you to the top of the rankings—or straight to prison. Through portraits of surfers from Biarritz’s Grande Plage, the film tells the story of a pivotal moment in the history of surfing, when a countercultural pursuit became an elite sport. This is the untold story of six of the best European surfers during the grandeur and decadence of the 80s.
France2017 • 00:19 • Documentary • Special Screenings
Bordeaux-Paris is the name of one of the wildest cycle races ever organised in France. On 28 May 1891, 27 competitors set out from Bordeaux to try to make it to Porte Maillot in Paris in under 72 hours without stopping...
France2017 • 01:29 • Series • Public prize
When John turns up in Cuba hoping to meet his mother for the first time, all he finds is a headless corpse. He sets out for the missing head to give the body a dignified burial, and then to avenge her death. Yet his so-called family prove to be more menacing and suspicious than compassionate, and everything reminds him that he is just a Yuma, an over-rational foreigner who cannot understand this mad island. Only an absurd escalation of emotions will allow him to unmask the culprits. In the process, he discovers another side of himself. Episodes 1 to 10 will be screened at Fipa.
France, France2017 • 01:30 • National documentary • Competition
Ferdinand, a member of the Corps of Highway Engineers, is tasked with the construction of the new port of Dunkirk in the aftermath of WWI. From the darkness of the trenches, he discovers the light of the ocean, all the more resplendent when he meets Clémence. Their love story speaks of its time through a montage of photographic and film archives, accompanied by contemporary footage of the places described in the dialogue performed by actors.
Austria2017 • 01:33 • Drama • Competition
Young and eager police recruit Chris shoots a mentally-ill man while on duty. He is hailed as a hero, but symptoms of trauma soon begin to surface. In a desperate attempt not to be exposed by his tough superior Konstantin, he resorts to excessive violence in order to hide his trauma and fulfil his dream of becoming an elite cop.
Austria2016 • 00:43 • Drama • New Talent
Mark, an unemployed photographer in his 30s, comes back home for his sister’s wedding. While his brothers have a staid lifestyle, he is still waiting for his big break. As usual, he’s asked uncomfortable questions. Mark answers more or less patiently. Already feeling out of place, he sees his ex-girlfriend - with her new boyfriend.
France2017 • 00:13 • Documentary • Special Screenings
Hossein has crossed nine countries without seeing any of them. Blind from birth, he was forced to flee Iran on foot. The aural ghosts of his past often return to remind him of the violence he left behind, but also of a native country full of love.
Finland2017 • 00:20 • Documentary • New Talent
In a hospice, every day is somebody's last day alive. The sheets are changed, and someone else brought in to die. Before the end, hands are held, and there is time for coffee. And for some of us, all this dying is just the usual everyday life.