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Argentina2015 • 00:45 • Series • Competition
At first glance, the Puccio family is like any other. However, the father, Arquimedes, has a vision to improve their daily lives in post military-dictatorship Argentina, a country in crisis where all morals have been eroded. With the help of his family, as well as former criminals keen to get back into business, why not take hostages and hold them for ransom, targeting people he knows first? Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
Hungary2015 • 00:53 • Drama • Competition
Hivatal follows everyday events inside a fictional immigration office, where we meet Anna, a new member of the staff. As we follow her daily routine, we find ourselves faced with sometimes humorous, sometimes thought-provoking and often touching tales, and begin to understand the pressure that all of this places on those manning the desk.
Israel2015 • 00:08 • Animation • New Talent
A short animated documentary presenting stories of African refugees stuck at the Holot detention centre in the Negev desert, southern Israel. The film was made by students in Sapir College’s DocuAnimation workshop run by Ricardo Verdescheim using various animation techniques. Directed by Dor Bar, Asher Schwartz, Uria Ben-Haim, Neta Lahav, Einat Keshet, Shiran Illouz, Sivan Allshvilli,Daniel Speizer, Yakir Ben-Haim, Yogev Sasson, Artyom Levin, Adi Suissa, Shahar Peters, Anna Levedev, and Yael Gelbe.
Belgium2015 • 01:08 • Documentary • Special Screenings
Experimental film-maker Chantal Akerman invites us to relive her nomadic career path with her: from Brussels to Tel-Aviv, from Paris to New York. She challenges her audience, analysing the meaning of her existence as well as her works, notably Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles. She digs down to the roots of her cinematographic language with her film editor, Claire Atherton, in an attempt to depict her aesthetic inclination which has influenced a great many artists.
France2015 • 00:15 • Documentary • Special Screenings
Every evening, Hocine finds his means of escape in a boxing ring. Although he is now 40-something, he still has difficulty finding his place in society, and now realises that his eldest daughter is starting to follow a little too closely in his footsteps…
United Kingdom2014 • 01:30 • Performing Arts • Competition
25 years after his death, the works of musical mastermind, Karajan, are still bestsellers. This film tells the story of this controversial figure who rose to fame in London just after the Second World War and conducted the prestigious Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for three decades. Through the testimonies of musicians who worked with him, the true story of his life behind the myth is revealed.
Belgium2015 • 01:36 • Documentary • Competition
One summer, Rikka takes me to Kustavi, the Finnish village where she grew up. She wants me to film her father and brothers’ silence, to face what had driven her to leave. Slowly, a third character appears between the two of us: a thief. My mother has always written in secret. She broke this silence with her first book, published when she was 50. She goes back to the origin of her speech, 40 years earlier. What did she lose by coming out of silence? What really happened in Kustavi?
Belgium2015 • Smart Fipa • Competition
You have committed a crime. This realistic role-playing game puts you behind bars: it’s up to you to negotiate your parole. Where will you stay once you get out of prison? How will you earn a living? How will you face the victim’s family? The answers to these questions will affect your bank account and your morale, and at the end, the Sentence Enforcement Court will issue its verdict.
France2015 • 00:51 • Documentary • Competition
Mary, Oussama, Ayman, and Jumana, aged 5 to 15, have fled the war and insecurity of Syria with their parents, hoping for a better future in Europe. After landing on the Greek island of Lesbos, a place of transition, these children share their stories on the migrants’ ordeals, the horrors of war, and their dreams of a more peaceful life. The children’s words are raw, touching, often humorous, sometimes awful, and always brutally honest.
Canada2015 • Smart Fipa • Competition
Singer and actor Kevin Parent invites you to manage Énergie Québec, a fictive state-owned enterprise responsible for decreasing Quebec’s dependence on imported oil. You will exploit the oil sources around the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and discover the economical, social, and environmental consequences of your choices. You must also develop concrete policies to reduce oil consumption. Depending on how you play the game, you’re in for a uniquely enriching experience.