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Italy2016 • 00:49 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition
Lampedusa, imaginary gateway to Europe and border barrier without barbed wire in the Mediterranean Sea. Through dramatic images and attestation, Domenico Iannacone forces us to look inside ourselves, leaving aside ideological conditioning and political manipulation. Lampedusa, a crossroads of distant worlds coming together, a place where the lives of men and women who did not know each other previously intermingle until they become a lifeline of existence.
Germany2016 • 01:44 • Drama • Competition
Leila wants to feel alive. She feels her pulse only when overstretched, self-destructive or in danger. Frenja wants to regain the life she had with her husband and daughter before illness. But was overcome by the need to puke all her love. Ann has lived in other countries with other people, traveled the world, loved, but she can’t shake off the feeling of loneliness. They meet in a rest centre. Between them arises a strong connection full of energy, honesty and eroticism.
France2016 • 00:20 • Documentary • Special Screenings
An evocation of the history of an unusual stretch of land, from today to its origins, that gives prominence to men and women struggling with nature and its primary elements.
France2016 • 00:55 • Documentary • French creation
Caylah, Totte, Naty, and Temandrota. Musicians, slam poets, visual artists, graffiti artists, skaters, and hip-hop dancers. Creatives, fans. From both working-class and well-off backgrounds, they are dreamers, pragmatists, and subversive dissenters. Four creators, four journeys, and four projects, offering an unprecedented exploration of alternative culture in the Madagscan capital.
France2016 • 00:55 • Drama • Competition
Armed with a certificate in mechanics, 20-year-old Manon loves getting her hands dirty, but the garage she works at confines her to reception. In love, too, Manon has hopes, doubts, and urges. Overcome by one passion and trapped by another, she makes mistakes, succeeds, and endures, showing extraordinary strength and even threatening violence when she faces too much injustice. She reconnects with her mother, finds her father, falls down and rises once more so she can move on. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
Spain2016 • 01:08 • Documentary • European creation
Sergi Cámara, photojournalist, photographs immigrants living in the old continent and asks them to send a message to the people that have just crossed the border. He arrives in Ceuta just after two massive jumps over the fence in which several deaths occurred. He witnesses first hand the crudeness of Morocco's migratory policy and the distress suffered by thousands of migrants waiting to cross the border. The photographs are exhibited in the city and the reaction of the migrants is surprising and exciting at the same time.
Estonia2016 • 01:13 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition
An intimate portrait of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov—once Deputy Prime Minister and “an heir of President Yeltsin”, later an uncompromising adversary of Putin—who was assassinated near the Kremlin in February 2015. Election campaigns and hotel beds, protest rallies and office routine, train compartments and courtrooms, night walks and police vans – you have never seen any politician so close. This is a story of how a journalistic assignment turns into a genuine friendship.
United Kingdom2016 • 00:48 • Drama • Competition
A bold and poignant look at the disturbing prevalence of sexual abuse at the hands of privileged public figures, National Treasure picks over the impact historic charges have on those on each side of the courtroom. Paul is a popular actor but a destructive allegation will shake him and his family to the core. Accused of two counts of sexual assault, both some 20 years previous, his honour and celebrity face trial by jury, press, and those closest to him. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
Poland2016 • 00:19 • Documentary • New Talent
In one elementary school children are told to learn Julian Tuwim’s poem Science by heart as homework. The poetic phrase is sometimes incomprehensible, some words require explanation, but parents come to their aid. Unfortunately, not all metaphors can be explained in an unambiguous way and poetry clashes with the prose of life, in particular when a football match of Legia Warszawa is broadcast on television. Some will get Bs, some will fail, but everyone will learn something from this lesson.
Belgium2015 • 00:11 • Drama • New Talent
Two young friends looking for some excitement decide to visit a prostitute in the countryside.