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Belgium2016 • 00:22 • Drama • New Talent
As the leaves change in October, 15-year-old Louise yearns for more.
France2016 • 00:12 • Series • Competition
In Brazil, the TV show Hora de Perigo plunges viewers into the living Hell of favelas and murderous gangs every evening. Antonio “Tony” Padaratz, the show’s star presenter, is a celebrity everyone wants a part of, an influential man with a Midas touch. But it wasn’t always that way. How did some poor beat cop born in the favelas rise to be king of TV ratings? Adriano Gantas, Tony’s one-time colleague, seems to wonder the same thing. The season 1 will be screened at Fipa.
Austria, Germany, France2016 • 00:52 • Performing Arts • Competition
While the whole world thinks that Europe ends at Perm, Greek conductor Teodor Currentzis starts a classical music revolution together with his orchestra MusicAeterna in the Ural foothills, a fast changing former industrial city now being one of the major cultural centres of Russia. The film accompanies a new opera recording of Don Giovanni in studio-like conditions, traces artistic processes and portrays the maverick super-star conductor.
France2016 • 01:37 • Drama • French creation
In order to summarise the legal deliberations as faithfully as possible, a mock trial is organised at the criminal court in Lyon in October 2015, with the help of a group of actors, experts, and professional magistrates. Eight citizens, chosen at random, attend the proceedings as jurors. At the end of the trial, six of them are filmed in actual conditions as they withdraw to deliberate. From hearing to verdict, the viewer is given an insight into the path jurors must follow so that they may judge in good conscience.
France2016 • 00:53 • Documentary • French creation
At the height of the Cold War, two unlikely footnotes took place between Eastern and Western powers. In spring of 1960, Khrushchev spent 11 days on a veritable “Tour de France”; and in the early summer of 1966, de Gaulle spent two weeks travelling across the entire Soviet Union. This is the story of the paradoxical, unsung relationship the General maintained with the communist empire throughout his tenure.
Netherlands, Belgium2016 • 00:50 • Drama • Competition
After surviving Auschwitz, Matthias Meyer, determined to survive and never to yield to anyone, starts a carrier as a criminal defence lawyer defending criminals. Pressurized by their father, his four sons become lawyers as well. But the pressure to be the best at all times takes its toll and every one of them gets into trouble. At 78, Matthias suffers a stroke. They all gather around the patriarch’s sickbed. Will father survive? What will happen to the Meyer family business? Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
Argentina2016 • 00:19 • Drama • New Talent
Two young Argentines, brought together by chance, wander the streets of New York City, increasingly lost in a maze of currency exchange, translation problems, religious vocation and nocturnal flirtation.
Canada2016 • 00:45 • Performing Arts • Competition
During the recording of his new album with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Quebecois violinist Alexandre da Costa explains his music career and artistic preoccupations. The virtuoso returns to the city of music where he once studied the violin, this time to conduct its legendary orchestra, updating an anachronistic method of conducting practised by Johann Strauss: the art of the Stehgeiger…
Sweden2016 • 00:59 • Drama • Competition
Wicked daughter. Unfaithful wife. Sexy mistress. Bad mother. Reluctant grandmother. We meet a strong and rigid martyr mom with a frightened and obedient daughter, gentle and kind. Until she, as a mature woman, explodes into a teenage rebellion that she has postponed for 25 years. The effect is brutal. With a mixture of anguish and triumph, she plunges straight into all forbidden things; as a writer, wife, mother, mistress, and as a public figure of great controversy. Episodes 1 and 2 will be screened at Fipa.
Austria, Germany2016 • 01:28 • Drama • Competition
Paula Rohm receives an alarming telephone call. Shots have been fired at the school that her children, Felix and Flora, attend. There have been deaths. At the school Paula and her husband Michael, realize that their son Felix is the perpetrator, and was himself his final victim. The world of the wealthy Rohm family falls apart. The more the truth comes to light, the more clearly each family member recognises their own part in Felix's terrible choice.
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