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United States2015 • 00:55 • Reportage and Investigation • Competition
Poet Javier Sicilia’s son was one of the 100,000 victims of the drug war in Mexico. After his son’s assassination, he spearheaded the movement against organised crime and corruption of police and politicians. On both sides of the border between Mexico and the US, Mexico’s main market and arms supplier, protesters marched for peace. The film follows the journey of a poet whose grief has become a worldwide symbol for the fight against crime.
France2015 • 01:32 • Documentary • French creation
Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for over 63 years, but the early 1990s marked a troubled period for the monarch, with the Royal Family’s image tainted by the Charles and Diana scandal, protests against royal privileges, and the Windsor Castle fire. In the midst of public discontent and threats to the monarchy’s future, the Queen dropped her royal distance to become the nation’s grandmother. This royal revolution is the secret behind the enduring presence of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.
United States2015 • 00:14 • Documentary • New Talent
In an attempt to escape poverty and distress, millions of immigrants passed through Ellis Island. Through his Unframed art installations, JR reflects on their time there. With his minimalist acting style and powerful evocative presence, Robert De Niro wanders from person to person, seeing the fear of the doctors’ verdict on the many faces he passes. In this desolate place, questions linger: how many of them have been sent home, and how many have found freedom?
France, Spain2015 • 00:54 • Documentary • Special Screenings
In Madrid, women take care of other families’ children in order to support their own. These women have made the ultimate sacrifice, leaving their own children back in Latin America with grandparents, hoping to be reunited one day. How do they live with the pain of this open wound? Years pass and yet another heartbreak is imminent: they must now leave the Spanish children whom they have come to love as their own. What does “home” mean when someone else’s home has become your own?
Austria2015 • 00:24 • Drama • New Talent
In the dark of winter on an isolated farm near the woods, an elderly couple struggles to maintain their once prosperous farm with only an ailing donkey to help. Everyday tasks are becoming increasingly difficult and a feeling of world-weariness is setting in. When it becomes clear that the old donkey is no longer any use to them, the farmer resigns himself to putting it down, despite his tender affection for the animal.
Turkey2015 • 00:16 • Drama • New Talent
Several dogs zigzag from one side to the other along the white line in the middle of the road. From behind his windscreen, the driver watches them before accidentally seeing his own face in his rear-view mirror, and realising how moved he is. Bariş Akkoyun creates a sombre and worrying film that plays on the interaction between dogs and men. The ambiguity between the characters plunges us into a profound uneasiness that evokes the wanderings of Turkish society, between freedom and the forbidden.
Germany, Spain2015 • Smart Fipa • Competition
The web project “Falciani´s SwissLeaks” uses the fascinating story of whistleblower Hervé Falciani, who gave tax evaders up, to offer an inside view into the complex issue of tax fraud to a broad public in an emotional and playful manner. Through a combination of text, video and interactive elements, the user experiences how Falciani’s spectacular disclosures affect him personally; additionally he is continually confronted with his own attitude towards tax compliance, betrayal and whistleblowing.
Spain2015 • 01:25 • Drama • Special Screenings
Josep Mir Rocafort, an internationally-renowned mind-reader and hypnotist who goes by the name Fassman, receives an anonymous message questioning his credentials and threatening to destroy his career. Before the end of the academic year, at the recently opened Fassman Institute, the mentalist must figure out which of his 30 students is his enemy.
Spain2015 • 01:34 • Drama • Special Screenings
On her 40th birthday, Elia gathers together a few select relatives and friends at a luxury country house to tell them some extraordinary news: she has won a Jackpot of 140.000.000 €! From that moment onwards, as the guests become aware of that, the atmosphere becomes increasingly tense and what started off as shared happiness gradually transforms into greedy plotting to take Elia’s fortune.
Hungary2015 • 01:28 • Drama • Competition
In 1914, a tragic news story shakes the city of Budapest: high-profile courtesan, Elza Mágnás, is found strangled, her body thrown in the icy waters of the Danube. The film recounts Elza’s last four days through the eyes of a naïve young servant girl, exploring her complex relationships with her governess, and the rich lover who assures her upkeep. Based on a true story filled with passion, power, and sex.